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How to colour a landscape (advanced)
Colouring template (advanced)
Simple basics of drawing
Afraid of white sheets? Did you ever want to draw but never had the courage? The trick is to just do it!
Connector Pens
Fantastic painting techniques provide new ideas and unlimited creativity.
How to craft a school bag
Get ready for school!
How to use the Parallel Technique
Our Connector Pens can also be used for hatching and cross-hatching.
How to colour in pixel style
These 12 exciting coloring templates guarantee pixelated coloring fun for kids.
Pay attention to posture
Over time, the way a child grasps a pencil is subject to change, just as a child’s grasp will develop from rough and unspecific into something more specific and differentiated.
Developing handwriting
Before children start school, they begin to write their first words; for instance, they use capital letters to write their own name, MUM or the name of their favourite pet.
Some further points to bear in mind
Suitable pencils as well as the following criteria will have a positive impact on children’s handwriting skills.
Learning to write – with the right grip
Grasping and gripping are of great importance for human beings throughout their entire development.
Special technique: Enchanting magic
Is there really a picture concealed underneath the black layer of colour...
Special technique: Mixing
Find out what can be mixed and jointly admire the outcome.
Special technique: Watercolour
By applying a wash, you can convert drawings made with Grip and watersoluble pencils into aquarelle paintings.
Polyball XB
The POLY BALL XB, represents a new generation of trendy low-friction ballpoint pens in fresh colours.
Poly Ball XB and Poly Matic
The ultimate writing experience and bold colours – this is represented by the new POLY MATIC mechanical pencil and the POLY BALL XB ballpoint pen.
The Stylus pencil
The Stylus pencil has a clever secondary function: its cap can be used to operate touch screen tablets or smartphones, as an extender and to protect against tip breakage
Grip marker
Uniqueness in design, ergonomics and economic efficiency are significant for the new GRIP marker line. It includes four useful pens, all designed in the comfortable magnum format.
Parallel technique with Connector Pens
How to draw a Trumpet with Albrecht Duerer Artists‘ Watercolour Pencils
The coloured surface can be transformed with only a few fine or broad brush strokes to reveal the full and unique power of the colours.
Fashion illustration with Castell 9000 and Pitt Artist Pens
Valerie Mayen: My Super Power
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