Coloured Pencils

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Enjoy the summer!
Creative decoration ideas for your neon party.
Sunset blending with Goldfaber colour pencils
How to make “Watch more sunsets” greetings cards.
Colour Grip planes
Create your home-made Colour Grip plane – whether as a toy or as a decoration on a gift, the plane will make every child’s eyes light up. ​
Colour Grip Stones
Thanks to the Color Grip / Jumbo Grip pencils, you can let stones you find shine in new splendor. Color the stones in different colors and design them according to your wishes.
How to colour figs (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
How to colour cherries (medium)
How to colour shoes (easy and medium)
Colouring template (easy and medium)
How to colour a skyline (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
How to colour animal motifs
Colourful fishes, exotic birds and dangerous snakes - bring them to life
How to colour an espresso cup (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
How to colour sweets (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
How to colour mushrooms (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
Inspiration for Easter
Give your family and friends personally decorated paper bags, coloured-in mandalas and watercolour artworks at Easter.
How to colour an ink bottle (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
Wrapping paper with Connector paint box
Create your own individual wrapping paper for Christmas.
Ballerina Colouring- & Craft templates
With this cute colouring- & craft templates and your choice of coloured pencils or felt tip pens, every little ballerina can make great moves on paper.
Hand Lettering "Du bist so tapfer"
Give courage with our tutorial "Du bist so tapfer" with the Art & Graphic water brush!
Basic techniques with Goldfaber
We will show you howsimple it is to create beautiful pictures using Goldfaber colour pencils.
Colouring Reindeer
The perfect template for some cold days in winter...
Colouring pages: Animal motifs
Find multiple colouring pages for adults!
How to colour fashion styles (medium)
Colouring template (medium)
How to colour a landscape (advanced)
Colouring template (advanced)