Project sidewalk crack drawings



30 min

What you need:

Coloured Pencil Goldfaber, Pitt Artist Pen
With Pitt Artist Pen in black and Goldfaber colour pencils you will create a series of drawings using sidewalk cracks as your inspiration. Instead of looking up, to find animals hiding in the clouds, look down, and see what hidden images are beneath your feet. Do you see something in this image?

Step by Step

Take a walk around your neighbourhood and photograph sidewalk cracks that have interesting patterns and shapes. Don’t worry too much about photo quality . . . these are for visual reference only.

When home, gather your materials and camera and take a look at a random sidewalk-crack photo. Do you see anything? If not, turn it 90 degrees clockwise. Do you see anything yet? Keep turning until something suggests itself—a face, an animal, an object.

You don’t need to see the entire image. Perhaps you only see a large nose shape and an ear . . . start by drawing those two things, then finish the drawing, using your Imagination.

Use the Pitt Artist Pen fineliner for your outline and then colour it in with Goldfaber coloured pencils, pencil, charcoal, . . . whatever you feel the piece needs.

Artist's Tip

Alternatively, you can sketch your images “live” during your walk (rather than taking digital images) and then finish them up at home. This series of sidewalk-crack-inspired animals was created over a period of several days by the author.

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Excerpt from “Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists,” published by Quarry Books, a division of Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc. All rights reserved. Artwork © Carla Sonheim. Visit